PhD candidates P-S


  • Pali, K.J.

  • Park, S.C.

  • Pears, Michael

  • Pelt, Mark van

  • Petri, D.
    The Dynamics of Religious Conflict: Explanatory Factors for the Vulnerability of Religious Minorities
    Prof. Dr. G.J. Buijs 

  • Petri, W.P.
  • Pfeifer, B.

  • Pleşa, A.
    Dress and identity within the Christian and Muslim communities in Egypt from the third to the eighth century.
    Prof. Dr. R.B. Ter Haar Romeny  

  • Plomp, E.

  • Purmer, M.
    Natuurmonumenten als erfgoedorganisatie. Cultuur­historie en landschapsbeheer bij natuurmonumenten aan de hand van drie case studies.
    Prof. Dr. J. Renes


  • Quadir, H.


  • Renihan, S.D.

  • Renssen, A. van
    Prof. Dr. G. Harinck  

  • Riet, L. van der

  • Robbins, S.
    Scientism and the Illusion of Morality
    Prof. Dr. R. van Woudenberg  

  • Roest, G.J.

  • Rosenberg, A.W.

  • Roth, P.T.

  • Rouwendal, Pieter


  • Saito, Isomi

  • Sande, N.E. van der  MSc

  • Schalk, J. van der
    Philosophy with Children
    Prof. Dr. R. van Woudenberg  

  • Schelin, Christopher

  • Schipper, A.

  • Schriek, M. van der
    Buried Landscapes of War. The Archaeology and heritage of the Second World War in The Netherlands
    Prof. Dr. N.G.A.M. Roymans 

  • Scremac, S.

  • Semelidu, E.

  • Sibanda, Melusi

  • Sival, M.A.
    Development of green architecture 1960-2012.
    Prof. Dr. J.E. Bosma 

  • Smine-Gannage, R.
    Two Thirteenth-Century Illuminated Syriac Manuscripts from Mosul.
    Prof. Dr. R.B. Ter Haar Romeny  

  • Soderberg, Gregory

  • Solomons, D.J.

  • Sooyong, S.

  • Spitzer, L.B.

  • Spoel, Ron van der

  • Spoelstra, T.

  • Stoker, A.
    An aerial archaeological contribution to the study of settlements, landscapes and spatial interconnections in southern Euboia, ca. 4000-1 BC.
    Prof. Dr. J.P. Crielaard 

  • Suh, Benjamin