PhD candidates C-G


  • Coetzee, A.
    Motherhood, the imaginary, and the body: exploring an African feminist philosophy through the novels of Yvonne Vera
    Prof. Dr. W. Goris

  • Crapo, R.
    Love as Word and Flesh: an Irigarayan Reading of Kinship and the State
    Prof. Dr. R. van Woudenberg

  • Croesdijk, B. van
    Being and Other Formalities. The Metaphysics of Nikolaus Bonetus: Study and Critical Edition
    Prof. Dr. W. Goris

  • Crowley, L.
    Identity, self-representation and life-style of Roman villa elites. The burial evidence.
    Prof. Dr. N.G.A.M. Roymans

  • Cudney, S.
    Where the Truth lies. Faith, Reason, and the Sin of Philosophy in Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling
    Prof. W. Goris


  • Dan Necşa, C.
    Biblical Exegesis in Epiphanius of Salamis.
    Prof. Dr. J.K. Zangenberg

  • Das, A.
    The American Ghazal: The Immigration of an Arabic Poetic Form (1960-2010)
    Prof. Dr. D. M. Oostdijk

  • Day, J.
    A kind of imagination that has nothing to do with fiction: Allan Kaprow and Hannah Arendt and a practice for a new publicness of mt
    Prof. Dr. W. Davidts

  • Debie, P.H.M.
    Stedenbouwkunst als concept: de Nederlandse methodiek binnen een internationaal fenomeen ambities in de landschapsarchitectuur 1900-1930
    Prof. Dr. J.E. Bosma

  • Dekker, W.
    De doorwerking van de laat-moderne spanning tussen autonomie en verbinding als leidende concepten in gezinshulpverlening
    Prof. Dr. G.J. Buijs

  • Dirkx, J.C.M.L.
    Self and object. Quality of objectrepresentations as a process and outcome parameter for psychoanalytic treatment. A theoretical and empirical approach.
    Prof. Dr. G. Glas

  • Doesburg, J. van
    De archeologie van middeleeuwse kastelen in Gelderland
    Prof. Dr. J. Renes

  • Dosker, M.C.M.V.
    Duurzaam beheer cultuurhistorisch waardevol landschap.
    Prof. Dr. J. Renes

  • Dresscher, T.
    Weathering the storm. A comparative study into tactics and equipment used to survive storm used by British and Dutch seafarers in the 18th century.
    Prof. Dr. J.C.A. Schokkenbroek

  • Duijnen, M. van
    Imagineering Violence - Techniques of Early Modern Performativity (Nederlandse titel: Imagineering: de technieken van theatrale geweldsverbeelding in de Zuidelijke en Noordelijke Nederlanden 1630-1690)
    Prof. Dr. I. Leemans

  • Dyk, P. van
    Story as Philosophy: Young Adult Fiction and Ethical Imagination
    Prof. Dr. A.W. Musschenga


  • Egmond, N. van
    Who’s accountable? Accommodating the rights and capability space of migrants and non-citizens
    Prof. Dr. A.W. Musschenga

  • Engelbrecht, D.
    A philosophical investigation of the theory and practice of patenting in the life sciences.
    Prof. Dr. J.A. Radder

  • Eyghen, H. van
    Scientism and the Cognitive Study of Religion
    Prof. Dr. R. van Woudenberg


  • Fekkes, J.
    Kerkelijke beroeringen op de Veluwe halverwege de 18e eeuw.
    Prof. Dr. F.A. van Lieburg

  • Flooren, M.W.J.
    Erfgoed en toerisme in het IJsseldal.
    Prof. Dr. J.C.A. Kolen


  • Geerlings, L.
    Travelling Translator (Rosey Pool - werktitel)
    Prof. Dr. S. Legêne

  • Gervasio Illiano, G.I.
    La nascita di misnum e il suo impatto suzz 'assitto topografico deel penisola fleurea
    Prof. Dr. G.L.M. Burgers

  • Goldberg, M.
    The Reception of Theodore of Mopsu­estia in the Scholastic Movements of the Church of the East.
    Prof. Dr. R.B. Ter Haar Romeny

  • Groenhuijzen, M.
    Finding the limits of the Limes. Palaeogeographic analysis of the Dutch Limes
    Prof. Dr. N.G.A.M. Roymans