Prof. Krondorfer is director and professor of Religion Studies at the Martin-Springer Institute. During his stay at CLUE+ he will focus on reconciliation studies.

“Thanks to the generous invitation as a senior research fellow with the CLUE+ program, I will spend time in May and June at the Vrije University of Amsterdam to work on two research projects. The first pertains to establishing a Framework for Unsettling Empathy, which is part of my ongoing interest in reconciliation studies. The intense dynamics developing among and between communities-in-conflict can be deeply unsettling. Such “unsettling,” I argue, is productive. Combined with empathy, to be unsettled refers to deeply questioning one’s expectations and assumptions about one’s hitherto held worldviews and values vis-à-vis other people. In the many years of facilitating and observing processes with groups in conflict, I have learned that it is in moments of unsettling empathy that people get drawn into transformative experiences. The second project pertains to my long-standing concern about the field of Critical Men’s Studies in Religion. In particular, I will move forward with my editing work on the volume of The Holocaust and Masculinities, filling in a lacuna in gender and Holocaust studies. This volume seeks to examine men’s variegated roles, behaviors, attitudes, conduct, and choices as they relate to genocidal antisemitism. While probing assumptions about masculinities, the volume will shed light on the “male experience” as something embedded in the history of the Holocaust. During my CLUE+ fellowship, I thus seek to connect to colleagues in the fields of Reconciliation Studies, Critical Masculinity Studies, and Holocaust/Genocide Studies, especially within the Faculty of Religious Studies, but also across the disciplines. With a few colleagues in the Faculty of Theology of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, we intend to plan a one-day symposium on the nexus of men/masculinities and religion(s).” Björn Krondorfer