Dr Judy Jaffe-Schagen was accepted as a guest research fellow at CLUE + in December 2016. Trained as a socio-economic historian, she spent many years researching the role of objects in museums.

Born in Amsterdam, she has lived in Israel since 2001. As an external PhD student in the history department at the VU, she conducted research in Israel that resulted in the publication of Having and Belonging - Homes and museums in Israel by Berghahn Books in April 2016. The focus of the book is on objects present and presented in homes and museums of eight population groups, Chabad, Moroccan, Iraq, Russian, Ethiopian, Religious Zionist, Israeli Christian Arab and Israeli Muslim Arab in Israel. Dr. Jaffe-Schagen analyses the role of the museum in state formation and proposes a new approach to collecting and categorizing, one well suited to societies in conflict. With her post-doctoral research that she started at Haifa University and the Amsterdam School for Memory and Heritage Studies, and now continues at CLUE +, she sets out to think critically about how museums and memorials operate in the conflicted Israeli landscape where citizenship and belonging are in question. She will participate in research at CLUE+ that will lead to a joint publication.