Ms Salome Rodeck

Salome Rodeck MA studied Cultural Analysis in Amsterdam. Because of her great interest in the effects of the ecological crisis from a humanities’ perspective, she got involved with the Environmental Humanities Center at the VU and is planning to continue her career in the academic environment provided by the institute. She currently prepares a PhD proposal on the history and epistemological resurfacing of the concept of symbiosis in the context of the Anthropocene discourse both in the natural sciences and the humanities and how this inspires public imaginaries of planetary cohabitation. The Early Career Fund of CLUE+ has enabled her to work with the Anthropocene Knowledge research group at the Max-Planck-Institute for the History of Science in Berlin as a Visiting Research Assistant as well as prepare a paper for an upcoming conference on 'Co-emergence, Co-creation, Co-existence’ at the University of Plymouth.

Salome Rodeck