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CLUES is an international scientific series in the fields of culture, history and heritage. It covers PhD studies, scientific reports of contract research, conference proceedings, etc. which have been written by, or were performed under the supervision of, members of the research institute CLUE+. The series is published by Sidestone Press.

There are five CLUES issues, the latest of which will be published in April 2021:

Door de lens van de landschapsbiografie (2015) - Read more and order

Interdisciplinarity Between Humanities and Science (2017) - Read more and order

Treasures in Trusted Hands (2017) - Read more and order

Reframing Luchino Visconti (2018) - Read more and order

Unhinging the National Framework: Platform for Life Writing and Transnationalism (2020) - Read more and order

Environmental Humanities: A Rethinking of Landscape Archaeology? (2021) - Read more and order

The Journal of European Landscapes (JEL) stimulates and promotes both empirical research and reflexive thinking on the history and heritage of the landscapes of Europe.
As a result of growing economic interdependence and political integration, Europe becomes ever more important as a spatial framework for research. This is particularly true for landscape research. The development of landscapes is highly dependent on the politics of the European Union. Policies on landscape and heritage are increasingly influenced by international cooperation. As a result, there is a growing awareness of the European dimensions of landscape and heritage.
For disciplines with a geographical dimension, such as archaeology, landscape and heritage, this results in comparative research in regions in Europe and, sometimes, in research on Europe as a whole. Although landscape is a theme that is increasingly studied on a European level (in fact, landscape is often described as a typical European theme), there is no other journal that focuses on European landscapes. 


Journal of European Landscapes 1 (2020) - View issue

Call for Papers

The Journal of European Landscapes is accepting manuscripts for publications now! Publications include original papers, book reviews and project reports.
The journal focuses on international comparative studies, publishing papers that cover at least two or more European countries. JEL welcomes contributions on rural, urban and industrial landscapes from all disciplines, with a focus on the areas of history, archaeology, geography, and heritage. 

Instructions for authors (pdf) of Amsterdam University Press.

Editorial Team

Arjan Conijn, MA
Dr. Linde Egberts, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Mara de Groot, MA, Leiden University
Prof. Dr. Jan Kolen, Leiden University
Prof. Dr. Hans Renes, Utrecht University and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Editor in Chief)
Dr. Amy Strecker, Leiden University

Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Ellen Braae, University of Copenhagen
Prof. Dr. Veerle van Eetvelde, Ghent University
Prof. Dr. Carola Hein, Delft University of Technology
Dr. Sjoerd Kluiving, VU Amsterdam
Prof. Dr. Thomas Meier, University of Heidelberg
Prof. Dr. Hannes Palang, Tallinn University
Dr. Stefano Piastra, Università di Bologna
Prof. Dr. Sam Turner, Newcastle University
Dr. Magali Watteaux, Université de Rennes 

More Information

For more information, visit the JEL website.

Centre for Global Heritage

Landscape and Heritage Studies (LHS) is an English-language series about the history, heritage and transformation of the natural and cultural landscapes and built environment. The series aims at the promotion of new directions as well as the rediscovery and exploration of lost tracks in landscape and heritage research. The series is published in collaboration with Amsterdam University Press.


Currently, five issues have been published. For more information about the issues Landscape and Heritage Studies issues and ordering, visit Amsterdam University Press.


Download the series information leaflet.
For questions or to submit a proposal, contact Inge van der Bijl, Acquisitions Editor, via

Instructions for authors (pdf) of Amsterdam University Press.
For more information about the instructions, contact Rita van der Schriek-Hermans MA. 


Amsterdam University Press
c/o Inge van der Bijl
Nieuwe Prinsengracht 89
1018 VR Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Editorial secretariat LHS
Rita van der Schriek-Hermans MA
T 020 59 82876

Editorial Board

Prof. dr. Gert-Jan Burgers, VU University
Dr. Linde Egberts, VU University
Rita van der Schriek-Hermans MA, VU University (secretary to the editorial board)
Dr. Sjoerd Kluiving, VU University
Dr. Freek Schmidt, VU University