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[20-6-2019] Re-scape: Morphology of Historic Landscapes


The interface between scholarly research on the morphology of historic urban landscapes and the practice of heritage management, planning and design in historic towns, is the theme of this Re-scape colloquium, to be organised at the Faculty of Archaeology on June 20th, 2019.

The Artistic Taste of Nations: Contesting Geographies of European Art, 1550-1815


This conference will be held on 13 and 14 June 2019 at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

[12-06-2019] The Imagination of Animals


This event of the ongoing Philosophy Colloquia.

[17-05-2019] Technology in Human-Animal Relations


This event is organised by the Environmental Humanities Center.

Heeft de Synode Dordrecht veranderd?


CLUE+ leden Fred van Lieburg en Bert Brouwenstijn zijn betrokken geweest bij een publicatie over synode van Dordrecht en een reconstructie van de Kloveniersdoelen.

[15-05-2019] 'How to balance Balanced Reporting and Reliable Reporting'


This event is part of the Philosophy colloquium.

we are hiring (in Dutch)


CLUE+ zoekt een nieuwe student-assistent per 1 september 2019.

Warfare, trade and migration of people and ideas. Archaeological connectivity research based on material culture from excavations and metal detected private collections


The project PAN is a citizen science project with the main aim to document and publish archaeological artefacts found and collected by members of the public. These private finds are highly relevant to archaeological research but never systematically documented and therefore not available for heritage studies and academic research.

THE ECCENTRIC MANNERS OF EXPLANATORY MODELS IN PSYCHIATRY. Mini-symposium preceding Josephine Lenssen’s thesis defence


Psychiatry is in need of new explanatory models. Josephine Lenssen takes the clinical concept of apathy as paradigm case to discuss different approaches to explanation in psychiatry, especially the biopsychosocial model, neo-mechanistic and interventionistic approaches and network analysis. She calls for a “perspectival mosaic unity” to emphasize the combination of different-yet-related perspectives in order to create a dynamic and coherent scientific landscape.

[18-04-2019] Robot reproduction


This event is part of the Philosophy Colloquium.

[15-04-2019] The Earth that Modernism built


CLUE+ cordially invites you to this lecture by Kenny Cupers.

Exploded View Newsletter now online


The first edition of the Exploded View Newsletter is now online

[11-04-2019] 'Paintings and Poetry: Transformations of Trauma in post WWII Amsterdam'


Research Institute CLUE + Plus, the Department of History, and the Department of Literature and Society Present

Meet CLUE+


A video introduction to CLUE+

New publication: Slavery Heritage guide [in Dutch]


This publication was part of the project: Mapping Slavery.