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CampusCongres VU: Call for Papers


Congres Universiteiten en hun campussen: naoorlogse universitaire campusontwikkeling in Nederland en België.

Free Will and Luck


You are cordially invited to attend this lecture by Alfred R. Mele.

'Expressive Control: Heidegger on What Makes Actions Properly Agential' and 'Norm and Ideal'


You are cordially invited to attend the lectures by Matt Burch and Irene McMullin.

Re:Scape Colloquium - Constructing Biographies of Welfare Landscapes


The urban landscapes of post-war welfare states are currently subject to multiple changes. Many of these welfare landscapes are associated with conflicting public images, and their local histories and specificities are sometimes weakly explored. Researchers from multiple disciplines are enquiring into those landscapes, how we manage their changes and what concepts of welfare may be relevant for the future urban landscape.

2018 4th East‐West Philosophy Forum ‘The epistemic responsibilities of the Humanities’


Keynote Speaker Prof. Jason Baehr Date: May 30‐31 Venue: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

As Slowly as Possible


A Symposium of the Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present.

Bernlef, de dichter van de Heliand?


CLUE+ and the Amsterdam Centre for Religious History cordially invite you to the lecture:

Keynote Lecture Angela Davis


Moving Together: Activism, Art and Education – A Week with Angela Davis is a weeklong program taking place from 12-17 May at various arts, cultural, educational and heritage institutions, and community centers in Amsterdam. Together with esteemed guest Professor Angela Y. Davis, as well as artists, scholars, activists and audience members, we will look into questions of citizenship, communal knowledge sharing, intergenerational activism, and relevant artistic practices.

Mini-Symposium: Exploded View: Art and Research on Layered Landscapes in Transition


Exploded View is an art and research project investigating landscapes of transition.

How will art survive us?


CLUE+, Environmental Humanities Center, and the graduate school of humanities cordially invite you to this lecture by Tal Beery.

Stevin Seminar #30: Farewell symposium Ida Stamhuis


You are cordially invited to atend Stevin Seminar #30: 'Genes, Gender, Journals and Statistical Justification'

The Life of Plants / Het leven van de planten / La vie des plantes


CLUE+ and the Stevin Centre for the History of Science cordially invite you to 'The Life of Plants / Het leven van de planten / La vie des plantes'.

How Gardens Feel: The Natural History of Sensation in Spenser and Milton


CLUE+ and the Amsterdam Centre for Cross-Disciplinary Emontion and Sensory Studies (ACCESS) cordially invite you to the lecture by Michael Schoenfeldt.

PhD Defence: Transnational Material Politics. Constructions of Dutch design 1970-2012


CLUE+ cordially invites you to the PhD defence 'Transnational Material Politics. Constructions of Dutch design 1970-2012' by Joana Ozorio de Almeida Meroz.

Spinoza, free will, and the legacy of the radical enlightenment


CLUE+, the department of philosophy, and study association ICARUS cordially invite you to the lecture by prof. dr. Derk Pereboom.