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The Digital Art History Lab at the Frick Collection: Towards a Critical ´DAH´


A recurrent criticism of digital art history (DAH) is that the methodologies offered by computational tools and analytical techniques have not been applied to art-historical research questions in ways that allow art historians to reconsider fundamental issues of their field and develop new research questions. Critics argue that instead of breaking new ground, DAH has stalled at the level of the DAH project, which merely translates traditional practices into a digitized format. Their concerns are not entirely unfounded: at a 2016 symposium on the state of the field of DAH, conversation focused on the sustainability of existing projects rather than how digital tools might expand the discipline. This presentation revisits the question of how DAH might impact art history productively and surveys the efforts of one American institution that is striving to bring the tools and methods of DAH to a larger audience: the Frick Art Reference Library╒s Digital Art History Lab (DAHL). The DAHL seeks not only to provide researchers with the digital tools and data necessary to explore new methodologies but also aims to stimulate collaborations between art historians and specialists from a variety of fields, from computer science to geography. Ellen Prokop is an art historian who specializes in Spanish art of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. She is currently preparing two book manuscripts: an overview of the collecting and exhibition histories of BartolomÄ Murillo, El Greco, and Diego de Velçzquez and an annotated translation of Fray Juan Ricci╒s artistic treatise of ca. 1660, La pintura sabia. Her articles are published and forthcoming in The Hispanic Research Journal and The Journal of the History of Collections. She is the Associate Photoarchivist of the Frick Art Reference Library, New York, and regularly teaches at New York University and Hunter College, City University of New York.

Environmental Humanities Center. Waste Event + Excursion


With Alice Twemlow, Rachele Dini, and Dave Hakkens At this event, we invite you to confront and ponder an object that we usually wish to dispose of quickly: waste. To examine waste in all its materiality, we invite 15 people to join us on a morning excursion to AEB, an Energy from Waste plant in Amsterdam’s harbour. In the afternoon, three speakers will explore the topic of waste from an environmental humanities perspective: Alice Twemlow, author of Sifting the Trash: A History of Design Criticism in the US and the UK Since 1950; Rachele Dini, author of Consumerism, Waste and Re-use in Twentieth-century Fiction; and the Dutch artist Dave Hakkens, who designed the Precious Plastic project.



Nuclear waste is one of the major unsolved challenges of our time, raising an array of questions, from the possibilities and politics of storage and disposal, over deep time, to toxic sovereignty. In this series, we will grapple with the environmental, aesthetico-political and ethical dilemmas that emerge from the out-of-scale temporalities induced by radioactive matter that haunt our own era but also countless generations to come.

VU in lead with interdisciplinary research (in Dutch)


Michel ter Hark, decaan Geesteswetenschappen, vindt dat nergens zo gemakkelijk interdisciplinaire vraagstukken lijken te ontstaan als aan de VU.

International Symposium at the Orgelpark: 'Glorious and Shocking Sounds – Developing the 'New Baroque Organ


Musicians, artists, and scholars from all over the world will meet on June 8-10 in Amsterdam in the Orgelpark for the International Orgelpark Symposium 2017. The main subject of the symposium is the development of so-called 'Hyper Organs', and a special topic is the hyper-organ – the New Baroque Organ – that is currently being built at the Orgelpark.

CLUE+ organizes the 5th, jubilee edition of the Week van het Lege Gebouw (the Week of the Vacant Building) in former SS-Officizierskasino in Soesterberg


A major national event, bringing together leading researchers and students in the field of repurposing built heritage. The 2017 edition is focused on the former SS-Officizierskasino in Soesterberg.

NWO grant “Smart Culture – Art and Culture” for Comparative Arts and Media for Prof. dr. Ginette Verstraete.


The NWO Call for Smart Culture – Art and Culture was set up in collaboration with the Taskforce for Applied Research (NRPO SIA) and focuses on research in the fields of art, culture, heritage and media in relationship to creative industries. Its main aim is to make connections between innovative artistic and cultural practices and more comprehensive scientific and social issues. Seven projects were awarded a grant.

Gerben Meynen appointed professor Ethics and Psychiatry


On 1 September, 2016 Gerben Meynen was appointed professor of Ethics and Psychiatry at the Faculty of Humanities at VU Amsterdam.

Alec Badenoch appointed endowed professor of Sound and Vision at VU Amsterdam


Dr. Alec Badenoch (1971) will hold the Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision endowed chair at VU Amsterdam for the next five years.

René van Woudenberg new programme leader CLUE+


On 1 February, 2017 Rene van Woudenberg was appointed the new coordinator of the CLUE+ research programme Knowledge Information and its History.

CLUE+ says goodbye to Wouter Goris


Wouter Goris, professor of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam since 2006, has taken up a new position as University Professor for Philosophy of the Middle Ages (Universitätsprofessor für Philosophie des Mittelalters) and director of the Scotus Archives at Bonn University. At VU Wouter Goris was also coordinator of the CLUE+ research programme Knowledge Formation and its History.

Book presentation ‘Treasures in Trusted Hands. Negotiating the Future of Colonial Cultural Objects’ by Jos van Beurden


On 29 May, 2017 Jos van Beurden will present his book ‘Treasures in Trusted Hands. Negotiating the Future of Colonial Cultural Objects’, which will be published at Sidestone press.

CLUE+ goes China


Heritage is not only an important research theme of CLUe+. It is also a booming matter in the People's Republic of China. Museums are flourishing and historical districts are being rediscovered as assets for sustainable city development. in view of this, CLUE+ is exploring collaboration with Chinese counterparts in heritage studies and planning.

From April 5 to 7, CLUE+ will organize a big conference on ‘Critical Theory in the Humanities’


From April 5 to 7, CLUE+ will organize a big conference on ‘Critical Theory in the Humanities’, taking the work of the famous American philosopher Judith Butler as a stepping stone to discuss how humanities, social sciences, but also law and theology can contribute to key questions in society and pressing societal issues by offering critical reflection with keynote lecture by Judith Butler

Aromatic Art (Re-)constructed: In Search of Lost Scents


On February 24th, CLUE+ researcher Caro Verbeek and VU curator Wende Wallert opened the exhibition Aromatic Art (Re-)constructed: In Search of Lost Scents with a symposium on the same date.