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2018 4th East‐West Philosophy Forum ‘The epistemic responsibilities of the Humanities’


Keynote Speaker Prof. Jason Baehr Date: May 30‐31 Venue: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

As Slowly as Possible


A Symposium of the Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present.

PhD Defence: Transnational Material Politics. Constructions of Dutch design 1970-2012


CLUE+ cordially invites you to the PhD defence 'Transnational Material Politics. Constructions of Dutch design 1970-2012' by Joana Ozorio de Almeida Meroz.

PhD Defence: Keeping in Touch in a Changing World


On March 16th 2018 Kimberley van den Berg will defend her PhD thesis in the Aula of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Awkward questions: A museum perspective on the materiality of cuneiform


Speaker: Jonathan Taylor, curator cuneiform collections British Museum.

Beyond Racism and Poverty


SUMMARY The truck system is an understudied form of labor coercion that existed on a global scale in the period 1865-1920. Under this system, workers were forced to accept payments in kind through the company store. In Beyond Racism and Poverty Karin Lurvink describes how this system functioned on plantations in Louisiana in comparison with peateries in the Netherlands. In the United States, the system is often viewed as a 'second slavery' and strongly associated with racism. In the Netherlands, however, not racism but poverty has been seen as the main reason for its continued existence. By using a variety of historical sources and by analyzing the perspectives of both employers and workers, Lurvink provides new insights into how the truck system worked and can be explained. She reveals how the system was not only coercive but had advantages for the workers as well, which should not be overlooked.

Excavating in Italy. From Rome to Apulia.


A day in memory of Raphaëlle-Anne Kok-Merlino

Special event: René ten Bos: Leven in het Antropoceen


The Dutch ‘Thinker Laureate’ (Denker des Vaderlands) René ten Bos will visit the Environmental Humanities Center to talk about his new book Dwalen in het Antropoceen. Please note that this lecture will be in Dutch.



In the spring of 2018, Prof. dr. Wayne Modest will explore, together with three international guests, some of the key thinkers and ideas that have shaped the increasingly popular field of material culture studies.

Guest lecture: 'Intangible Cultural Heritage Safeguarding in Times of Crisis: A Case Study of the Chinese Ethnic Qiang Cultural Recovery after the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake'


Qiaoyun Zhang is currently a research fellow at the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS), the Netherlands. Her research focuses on cultural recovery and preservation after disasters, and engages with topics of state-ethnic relation in China, cultural heritage preservation, disaster tourism, and sustainable development. She received her PhD in Anthropology from Tulane University (USA) in 2016.

Plato en Hermetica in het late werk van Giordano Bruno: Een filosofie voor een nieuwe wereld (Lecture in Dutch/in het Nederlands by Joyce Pijnenburg)


About the Lecture: Na zeven jaar gevangenschap werd de zestiende-eeuwse (wetenschaps-)filosoof Giordano Bruno in 1600 ter dood veroordeeld wegens ketterij. Bruno omarmde het heliocentrisme van Copernicus en transformeerde het vervolgens: het universum zou oneindig zijn en het centrum overal. Het contrast tussen het vroege en het late werk van Bruno laat zien dat de Italiaanse denker gedurende een decennium werkte aan een alternatieve filosofie, die als basis van de wetenschap kon dienen binnen dit compleet nieuwe wereldbeeld. Zijn invulling van de betekenis van het Platonisme en de Hermetische filosofie veranderde mee en ook voor de mens hield de realiteit van de oneindige kosmos een nieuwe positie in.

Polderen of niet?


‘Polderen of niet? Participatie in het bestuur van de waterschappen Bunschoten en Mastenbroek vóór 1800’, door Heleen Kole.



Speakers: Dr Angela Roothaan (LU), Dr Timo Slootweg (LU) & Dr Rico Sneller (LU)

New book: Textbook of epidemiology


New book co-authored by CLUE+ researcher and professor of methodology and integrity Lex Bouter.

Happy Holidays


Wishing you a Merry Xmas, a Happy New Year and a most inspiring research season!