Master Heritage Studies

CLUE+ is pleased to call your attention to the Master Heritage Studies at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, which is rooted within the institute and has a unique focus on spatial transformations.

03/06/2021 | 9:18 AM

Click here for more information about the programme.

Students who are interested in applying can meet staff and current students at the upcoming Master Event on Saturday March 6. The Master closely collaborates with the pan-European research and training project HERILAND, Heritage and spatial planning ( It accepts students with a broad range of backgrounds, such as architecture, spatial planning, archaeology, geography and history. Application deadlines are April 1 (for non-EU/EEA) and June 1 (all others). Would you please be so kind as to forward this message to any contacts who might be interested in this programme? Please find the registration for the event on March 6 (with a special zoom info session h12.00 CET) under this link

spatial heritage master