Birthday Party: 'Pitch, Team Up, make it happen'

CLUE+ cordially invites you to the Birthday party of the Environmental Humanities Center.

12/13/2018 | 6:00 PM

This month, the Environmental Humanities Center is turning two years old (already…). Next to celebrating with drinks and snacks, a brief review and outlook, and chance for conversation, we invite our members to propose activities, research, events, reading groups, interventions (from tiny to large), which you could imagine to organize – together with others. After some inspirational ‘best practice talks’, you’ll have three minutes to pitch your idea. If you find at least two allies to team up with you, your project is ‘in’ and will be featured and supported by the EHC.

No obligations, you can also just come, celebrate, and chat with us… everybody is invited, feel free to bring your friends and allies.


18:00-18:30: meet and greet / welcome / review and preview

18:30-19:00: best practice examples

    Krien Clevis, PhD, artist, researcher, curator, Amsterdam
    Selçuk Balamir, commoning researcher and climate activist, UvA
    Joost Adriaanse, embedded researcher, VU

19:00-19:30: drinks and snacks
19:30-20:00: YOUR pitches

20:00-20:30: teaming up phase
20:30-21:00:  wrap up

EHC birthday poster