Farewell Symposium prof. dr. Karel Davids

Institutions, knowledge, global history

10/26/2018 | 12:30 PM


Symposium: Institutions, knowledge, global history
Location: Free University, Main Building, 3rd Floor, Agoraroom 1 (HG-03C01 Agora 1)
Acces: Registration opens end of September
Chair: prof.dr. Petra van Dam

12.30 hrs Welcome with coffee and tea

13.15-13.45 hrs Lecture by prof. Liliane Hilaire-Pérez, Paris

Jews, innovation and economic modernity in the 18th century
Some thoughts based upon the French context

13.45-14.15 hrs Lecture by dr. Bert de Munck, Antwerp

The commodification of artisanal knowledge in the early modern period: a pragmatic perspective

14.15-15.00 hrs Discussion

15.00-15.30 hrs Tea and coffee

15.45 hrs Lecture by prof.dr. Karel Davids

Wat is, blijft niet. Global history, kennis en herinnering

Location: Aula of the Free University, Main Building
Acces: open to all
17.00 hrs Reception

Please register here.


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