'Thinking differently about Freedom: Enslaved Labour, Capitalism and the making of the Modern World'

CLUE+ cordially invites you the lecture at the International Institute of Social History.

12/17/2018 | 3:00 PM

This talk will argue that the conception of liberty which emerges in the making of the modern world is deeply connected to not only question of property and "possessive individualism", but that its overarching link was to enslaved African labour. Arguing that capitalism both produces and sustains a series of unfree labour regimes, the talk will suggest that the history of freedom needs to be reconceptualized through a reframing of the relationship between capitalism and colonial / racial slavery.

Anthony Bogues is a historian of critical thought and political theorist. He is the inaugural director of the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice at Brown University and is currently a CLUE+ at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Visiting Research Fellow at the International Institute of Social History. 

Bogues Lecture Poster