CLARIAH PLUS receives 13.8 million from the National Roadmap

VU researchers Vossen, Van Harmelen and Leemans (CLUE+) will help to build a national digital infrastructure for the Humanities and Social Sciences

07/02/2018 | 2:12 PM

The humanities consortium consisting of more than 20 institutions, headed by Huygens ING, was awarded EUR 13.8 million for the development of CLARIAH+, a national digital infrastructure for the Humanities, within the framework of the National Roadmap for Large-scale Scientific Infrastructure. CLARIAH+ extends and expands the CLARIAH-CORE project, which initiated the CLARIAH infrastructure. CLARIAH+ will offer scientists a 'Common Lab' to learn how to extract hidden information from the fast-growing amount of digital data with innovative user-friendly tools.

Whereas CLARIAH-CORE focused on linguistics, social economic history and media studies, CLARIAH-PLUS includes deep text analysis. Inger Leemans will help to coordinate this working group. They will help to expand the CLARIAH-infrastructure with tools for sentiment and emotion analysis, stylistic analysis, authorship attribution, plot/narrative analysis, and concept modelling, including concept modelling across time.