Opening Archaeological parc Muro Tenente

In April VU archaeologists Gert-Jan Burgers and Matteo Merlino have inaugurated the archaeological landscape reserve of Muro Tenente, in the south Italian region of Apulia.

04/29/2018 | 3:32 PM

The park has been established at the spot of the ruins of a large ancient fortified town, partly excavated by the archaeologists. In close collaboration with landscape architects, local citizens and municipalities, the national Italian heritage board and the university of Lecce, Burgers and Merlino have been working on this development plan for years, with 1 M euro funding of the EU Regional Development Fund. On April 8, the site was officially opened in the presence of some 1500 vistors and both local and national media.

LATIANO - Inaugurazione "Parco dei Messapi" MURO TENENTE (VIDEO)