Street Values: Beyond participation in social heritage-making

Street Values (in Dutch: Straatwaarden) examines 'Heritage-making'in a changing social landscape, where decisions about our cultural assets and the lving environment are shifting from expert-led towards community-based.

03/13/2018 | 1:00 PM

How does the 'playing field'change when different communities bring their respective values and agendas to the fore? Taking a 'sustainist' perspective, the street Values research project views 'Heritage'as a dynamic value-imbued social design process, deeply embedden in place and community. In this lecture Knoop and Schwarz show hoe new practices of placemaking, 'commons', and co-design are emerging, and what this could mean for collective governance in the cultural realm.

Dr. Riemer Knoop is professor of Cultural Heritage, Reinwardt Academy (Amsterdam University of the Arts), project director of Street Values, and idenpendent heritage and museum consulstant (Gordion Cultureel Advies Amsterdam)

Dr. Michiel Schwarz is an idenpentent sociological thinker, cultural curator and consultant working on the future of 'sustainist' culture form his Sustainism Lab in Amsterdam. His 2016 publication A sustainist Lexicon (with field notes by Knoop) provided the conceptual frame for the Street Values project.