In the spring of 2018, Prof. dr. Wayne Modest will explore, together with three international guests, some of the key thinkers and ideas that have shaped the increasingly popular field of material culture studies.

02/16/2018 | 10:00 AM

Since the 1970s, material culture studies has developed as a robust interdisciplinary field of enquiry, dedicated to the exploration of the meaning of things and their role in constituting our social and cultural worlds. Over three lectures, the series will introduce the main theoretical and methodological perspectives within the field, highlighting how material culture studies has influenced approaches to issues as diverse as power, consumption, taste and style.
The first lecture of the series introduces some of the key moments in the development of material and visual culture studies, especially in relation to the museum.

The lectures are public and free of charge. Please register for the lecture via this link:


Dan Hicks is Associate Professor in the School of Archaeology, Curator of Archaeology at the Pitt Rivers Museum, and a Fellow of St Cross College.  He teaches in Archaeology, Anthropology, and History of Art and supervises doctoral students in the fields of historical archaeology, material culture studies, and contemporary archaeology.

Dan's research explores the connections between Archaeology and Anthropology, and falls across three inter-connecting fields: The archaeological study of the recent past (including world historical archaeology and contemporary archaeology); the theoretical and applied study of material culture (including museum collections and the history of archaeology and anthropology); and the archaeology and anthropology of landscape and heritage in comparative perspective.

This is the first in a series of three lectures. The next lecture, THINGS, INTERRUPTED Towards an Anthropological Theory of Hoarding by Dr. Fahio Gygi (SOAS), will take place on March 16th.