2018 4th East‐West Philosophy Forum ‘The epistemic responsibilities of the Humanities’

Keynote Speaker Prof. Jason Baehr Date: May 30‐31 Venue: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

05/30/2018 | 12:00 AM


Pressure on universities to deliver socially and technically useful knowledge has brought the humanities in dire straits. Since the kinds of learning that the humanities produce is less tangible and less directly and visibly relevant to topical social and technological concerns, they have been put in the dock and are sometimes actively marginalized. We can think of this as a lopsided focus on a narrow set of epistemic values and responsibilities—to wit, those having to do with practical knowledge or ‘techne’—at the cost of other, broader epistemic values—such as understanding, wisdom, and intellectual character. The main question that his conference will address is, therefore: How should we think of the epistemic values of the humanities and of the responsibilities the humanities have to gain those values and transmit them to others?

Keynote Speaker

Professor Jason Baehr


Leo K. C. Cheung
Michael Chienkuo Mi
Christina Chuang 

Wan-chuan Fang

Yong Huang
Rie Iizuka
Karyn Lai
Norva Lo
Masaharu Mizumoto
Nikolaj Pedersen 
Rik Peels
John Preston
Shane Ryan
Winnie Sung
Kai Yee Wong

East-West Philosophy Forum

The East-West Philosophy Forum is an annual conference which brings together philosophers at philosophy institutions from East to West—starting in Japan, passing through South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kazakhstan, and ending in Edinburgh. The workshop is also East-West because the philosophical dialogue will include Eastern and Western philosophy, as well as philosophy in general.


Please send an email to Irma Verlaan (g.h.verlaan @ vu.nl) to register for the Philosophy Forum.

Fee per day:
Forum: €20,00
Forum incl. dinner: €55,00

Info: www.abrahamkuypercenter.nl/EWPF18

Organizing committee

Dr. Rik Peels
Irma Verlaan
Prof. Leo Cheung
Prof. Chienkuo Mi