Symposion: 'Philosophical Perspectives on Religious Diversity and the Discussion on the Future of the Faculty of Theology'

Presentation of the book 'Philosophical Perspectives on Religious Diversity - Bivalent Truth, Tolerance, and Personhood' by Dirk-Martin Grube and Walter van Herck.

11/27/2017 | 9:30 AM

If truth is one – how can we speak meaningfully of different religions being true?

This is one of the questions being addressed in the book
Philosophical Perspectives on Religious Diversity. Bivalent Truth, Tolerance, and Personhood (Dirk-Martin Grube, Walter van Herck (eds.), Routledge, November 2017).
This book contains contributions from Nicholas Wolterstorff, Joseph Margolis, Renè van Woudenberg, Vincent Brümmer, Peter Jonkers, Dirk-Martin Grube et al. on the issue of religious diversity. It deals with the question how a constructive dialogue between the different religions can be conceptualized in (philosophically) responsible ways. What are the theoretical resources necessary for taking the religious Other seriously in her Otherness? Should we abrogate a bivalent concept of truth according to which that which is different from the one religious truth must be false by necessity? Should we embrace a concept (of truth or justification) that allows for plurality? If so, what is the function of the activity of arguing in the interreligious dialogue? To convince the religious Other - or does ‘arguing’ have a different function within this discourse?


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