Dr. Karin Lurvink has been appointed at FGW/CLUE+ as a postdoctoral researcher in the project "Slaves, Commodities and Logistics"

This project investigates the immediate and long-term, and direct and indirect impact of Dutch transatlantic slave-based activities on the economy of the Dutch Republic in the eighteenth and nineteenth-century.

02/20/2017 | 9:00 AM

Karin will focus on the influence of slavery on the development of the insurance and finance sectors in the Netherlands. Until last year, Karin worked as a PhD researcher at FGW/CLUE+ on her individual research project financed by the Professor Van Winter-Fonds. She compared the truck payment system on plantations in Louisiana to peateries in the Netherlands. This comparison resulted in the PhD-thesis Beyond racism and Poverty: the truck system on Louisiana plantations and Dutch Peateries, 1865-1920, which she defended successfully in November last year. Additionally, Karin has been member of the Works Council (Ondernemingsraad) of the Vrije Universiteit for two years as one of the seven representatives of Pro-VU, and she is a contributing editor of Historisch Tijdschrift Holland.