News overview

[11-05-2020] Symposium on Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness


CLUE+, NWO and the Department of Philosophy cordially invite you to this symposium.

Challening Eternity 2020: World Heritage, Urbanistic Interventions and the City of Rome


On this page you can find information on the International Course "Challenging Eternity" 2020.

CANCELLED [31-03-2020] Overdoing Democracy: The Problem of Political Polarization


Unfortunately, this event is cancelled.

[20-03-2020] Oration dr. M. S. Parry


The faculty of Humanities and CLUE+ cordially invite you to the oration of dr. M.S. Parry: "Being Human: The Contemporary Relevance of Medical Heritage".

[12-03-2020] EHC event: Skin and fuel. Two episodes in the history of fossilized whiteness


CLUE+, the Environmental Humanities Center, and the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis cordially invite you to this lecture.

[02-03-2020] Oration prof. dr. J. H. C. Bel (in Dutch)


De faculteit Geesteswetenschappen en CLUE+ nodigen u van harte uit voor de inaugurele rede van prof. dr. J.H.C Bel: "Ik wil gelezen worden".

[27-02-2020] Trending Topics: the Poetry of Decay


CLUE+ cordially invites you to the third Trending Topics lecture of the academic year 2019/2020.

[12-02-2020] Stevin Seminar: Academic virtues and related practices in 19th century Germany


Research Institute CLUE+ and the Stevin Centre for History of Science and Humanities invite you to this Stevin Seminar.

[12-02-2020] Colloquium Centre for Contextual Bible Interpretation


CLUE+ and the Centre for Contextual Bible Interpretation cordially invite you to this colloquium.

[01-02-2020] Macht en misbruik: Seksueel misbruik in boeddhistische gemeenschappen in Nederland


This symposium is in Dutch.

[30-01-2020] Trending Topics: Heritage and Climate Change Relations: Loss, Adaptation and Creativity


The Faculty of Humanities and CLUE+ cordially invite you to this Art and Culture Trending Topics lecture.

Introducing the new coordinator of Paradigms of Creativity: Dr. Kristine Steenbergh


As of this year, dr. Kristine Steenbergh is the new coordinator of the CLUE+ programme Paradigms of Creativity.

[22-01-2020] Book Symposium: Indigenous, Modern and Postcolonial Relations to Nature by dr. Angela Roothaan


CLUE+ cordially invites you to this symposium.

[07-01-2020] New Year's Event Faculty of Humanities


CLUE+ and the Faculty of Humanities cordially invite you to this event.

Jacqueline Bel on "De Taalstaat" NPOradio1 (in Dutch)


On 4 January CLUE+ researcher prof. dr. Jacqueline Bel was a guest on the radio programme "De Taalstaat".