Re:Scape Colloquium


Mainbuilding Vrije Universiteit, HG-09A16, 9th floor.

Re:Scape Colloquium - Constructing Biographies of Welfare Landscapes

CLUE+ Research Institute for Culture, History and Heritage

Art, Culture and History


This colloquium addresses the urban landscape of postwar welfare societies – housing, urban centres, playgrounds, parks, public institutions etc. in European and non-European contexts - from multiple angles; discussing their materialities, uses and perceptions and how they are entangled with shifting cultural and social values, aesthetic ideals and political ambitions.
In particular, we discuss different research strategies to study specific urban landscapes as places with dynamic histories, exploring what may be called biographical lenses of inquiry. The colloquium welcomes young and experienced researchers from multiple disciplines, including landscape and urban studies, critical heritage studies, landscape architecture, architecture and architecture history.
The seminar includes lectures and a workshop in which to exchange and further the participant’s own ongoing research.
date:                      Thursday June 7
Location:                Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Room:                    HG-09A16
13:00 Introduction
- presentation by Tom Avermaete and discussion
- presentation by Svava Riesto and discussion
- interactive workshop
- Round-up discussion
17:00 drinks

Registration: not necessary, participation is free of charge. 
This Re-Scape Colloquium is a  collaboration between the University of Copenhagen, TU Delft, Centre for Global Heritage and Development and Vrije universiteit Amsterdam. It is organized as part of the research project Reconfiguring Welfare Landscapes, University of Copenhagen. Please refer to their website for more information about the research project.

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