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Trajectories in Material Culture: Thinking The Digital

CLUE+ Research Institute for Culture, History and Heritage

Art, Culture and History


In the spring of 2018, Prof. Dr. Wayne Modest will explore, together with three international scholars, some of the key thinkers and ideas that have shaped the increasingly popular field of material culture studies.
The lecture on April 20, 2018, will be delivered by Dr. Haidy Geismar and will focus on questions of the digital within material culture studies.
Haidy Geismar is one of the leading thinkers in digital anthropology. She has published extensively in the field, including around questions relating the digital to museums collections and on indigenous protocols for digital practices within museum. Dr. Geismar’s lecture will focus on the emergence of digital anthropology as a field of study and its relevance to contemporary theorizations of material culture and materiality more generally.

The lectures are public and free of charge. Please register for the lecture via this link:

Haidy Geismar is Reader in Anthropology at University College London where she is the curator of the Ethnography Collections, directs the Digital Anthropology Programme and is also Faculty Vice Dean (Strategic Projects). She has fieldwork experience in Vanuatu and New Zealand dating back to 2000. Her research focuses on museums and collections as sites of knowledge and value production, and she has written on a wide range of topics including the art market, postcolonial museologies, the production of indigenous intellectual and cultural property, the history of ethnographic collections, the epistemology of digital processes in diverse cultural contexts, and the social resonance of historical photographic collections in present day communities.

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