'Moving Together: Activism, Art and Education – A Week with Angela Davis'

'Moving Together: Activism, Art and Education – A Week with Angela Davis' is a collaborative project that brings education, activism and cultural production to the forefront of the current discourse within society. With strong commitment to diversity, inclusivity, decoloniality, democracy, and social justice within the society at large and in arts and arts) education in particular, the initiative of SNDO, in collaboration with institutions such as the Research Center for Material Culture and the curatorial team (Mikki Stelder, Quinsy Gario, Amal Alhaag and Nadia Bekkers, invites Professor Angela Davis to spend a week in Amsterdam in May 2018.

Prof. Davis will meet with students, artists, independent journalists, scholars, activists, and other members of the city’s community. The goal of the program is to engage with black scholarship, art, and activism and create cross-cultural conversations between locals and Davis. The week helps communities gain more awareness and insight into Black cultural production and its role in fighting for a just and democratic society. It also addresses issues faced by various scholars, artists, and activists such as censorship, threats, racism, sexism and other forms of oppression. Together with Angela Davis, scholar and close collaborator Prof Gina Dent from University of California Santa Cruz is invited to participate and contribute actively to the program.

The program consists of workshops, lectures, talks and dialogues. The fully public, nonpublic and semi-public nature of different parts will allow for a different, content specific modes of engagement and studying across institutions, organizations, departments and individuals who are interested and committed to the notions and explorations pertaining to the work of Prof Angela Davis such as radical democracy, racial equality, and justice.

This project is realized in close collaboration with the Tropenmuseum Amsterdam/The Research Center for Material Culture/Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, a Foundation, which for the time being requires remaining anonymous, and the initiator, SNDO/ATD – Academy of Theatre and Dance/AIR program of Amsterdam University of the Arts. A cluster of additional partners confirmed their partnership and contribution: different research centers of UvA, NiNsee - Het Nationaal Instituut Nederlands Slavernijverleden en Erfenis.


Angela Y. Davis is known internationally for her ongoing work to combat all forms of oppression in the U.S. and abroad. Over the years she has been active as a student, teacher, writer, scholar, and activist/organizer. She is Distinguished Professor Emerita in the History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies Departments at the University of California, Santa Cruz. In 1994, she received the distinguished honor of an appointment to the University of California Presidential Chair in African American and Feminist Studies.

During the last twenty-five years, Professor Davis has lectured in all of the fifty United States, as well as in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and the former Soviet Union. Her articles and essays have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, and she is the author of nine books, including Angela Davis: An Autobiography; Women, Race, and Class; Blues Legacies and Black Feminism: Gertrude "Ma" Rainey, Bessie Smith, and Billie Holiday; The Angela Y. Davis Reader; Are Prisons Obsolete?; a new edition of Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass; and The Meaning of Freedom.

Like many educators, Professor Davis is especially concerned with the general tendency to devote more resources and attention to the prison system than to educational institutions. Having helped to popularize the notion of a “prison industrial complex,” she now urges her audiences to think seriously about the future possibility of a world without prisons and to help forge a 21st century abolitionist movement.

Gina Dent received her Ph.D. in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University. She is Associate Professor of Feminist Studies, History of Consciousness, and Legal Studies, Director of the Institute for Advanced Feminist Research at UC Santa Cruz, and also Chair of the UC Santa Cruz Feminist Studies Department. She is the editor of Black Popular Culture ([1993] New York: The New Press, 1998) and author of articles on race, feminism, popular culture, and visual art.


For more information about the full program and ticketing please refer to www.movingtogether.info