Re-Scape Colloquia 2017

The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam research institute CLUE+ the Design & History research group at TU Delft, and the Centre for Global Heritage and Development organize the Re-Scape colloquia for young researchers and graduate students,  to be inspired by experienced academics, learn from each other by sharing knowledge and progress on their own research. PhD students will present their work in public; graduate students will discuss their theses in interdisciplinary, thematic groups.

Research on spatial heritage is scattered over many academic disciplines, such as architecture, architectural history, archaeology, urban history, landscape studies and heritage studies.  These topics are taught throughout the Randstad at a range of different universities with foci in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Technology. The Re-scape colloquia aim to bring together senior and junior scholars to establish common languages, theories, methodologies and practices and to create the foundation for novel research approaches.

The Re-Scape Colloquia take place every six weeks, alternatively in Delft, Leiden, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam. The Colloquium on March 30th will be held at Leiden University (
The Colloquium on May 18th will be organised by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, in cooperation with the Week of the Vacant Building (
It will take place in the officer's casino of the former military air base in Soesterberg, a stunning vacant building with a fascinating past.