Annual VU Roman Archaeology Conference | Jaarlijks Romeinensymposium van het Amsterdam Center for Ancient Studies and Archaeology (ACASA)

The Annual Conference on the Roman archaeology of the Netherlands and adjacent areas aims to provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge between professionals working in universities, archaeological companies, heritage institutions and government. The program includes reports of recent fieldwork as well as analyses of find categories and more synthesizing studies. Since 2017, the symposium is supported by the VU Research Institute CLUE + and the National Research School ARCHON.

Amsterdam Centre For New Testament Studies Research Colloquium

Now supported by Clue+, the Amsterdam Centre for New Testament Studies organizes the Amsterdam New Testament Research Colloquia which are held bi-weekly. In these international meetings scholars and PhD-students (both from VU and elsewhere) present their work-in-progress on subjects related to the study of the New Testament and its reception. Both for scholars and (PhD-) students it is an excellent opportunity to discuss their work and improve their work by comments by others. This way the colloquia aim to construct a scholarly community.

Re-Scape Colloquia 2018-2019

The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam research institute CLUE+ the Design & History research group at TU Delft, and the Centre for Global Heritage and Development organize the Re-Scape colloquia for young researchers and graduate students, to be inspired by experienced academics, learn from each other by sharing knowledge and progress on their own research. PhD students will present their work in public; graduate students will discuss their theses in interdisciplinary, thematic groups.

New Philosophy Colloquium Series

CLUE+ presents, in collaboration with the Department of Philosophy and Study Association Icarus, a new series of colloquia in philosophy. The aim of the Philosophy Colloquium Series is to stimulate interaction between philosophically oriented VU researchers and researchers from other universities (at home and abroad).