Amsterdam Centre For New Testament Studies Research Colloquium

Now supported by Clue+, the Amsterdam Centre for New Testament Studies organizes the Amsterdam New Testament Research Colloquia which are held bi-weekly. In these international meetings scholars and PhD-students (both from VU and elsewhere) present their work-in-progress on subjects related to the study of the New Testament and its reception. Both for scholars and (PhD-) students it is an excellent opportunity to discuss their work and improve their work by comments by others. This way the colloquia aim to construct a scholarly community.

The colloquia held on Friday afternoon are typically divided into two parts. The speaker will present his/her work in the first part which is followed by an open discussion and drinks afterwards. These colloquia started in 2005 and now already over 120 meetings have been held.

The following dates are planned for the second semester of 2017. Time and place is 15:00-17:00 in the 2E-31 (‘Senaatszaal’), Faculty of Theology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam: