Social media guidelines

Although social media can serve as an excellent platform to broadcast and discuss the topics presented at a conference, not everyone is com­fortable with broadcasting the ideas they formulate as a conference paper so widely before committing them to publication, or are con­cerned their ideas can be misrepresented in other people’s online posts.

We therefore ask you to adhere to the follow­ing suggestions when using social media at the conference:

  • If a session chair, speaker or other attendee asks you not to post anything online about their presentation, please refrain from doing so.
  • When using Twitter, please tweet using the conference hashtag, #ButlerAmsterdam. This will make sure your tweets are seen by everyone following the hashtag, and can also be used to compile an archive of the conference tweets.
  • Attribute correctly and clearly: begin tweets or posts about a paper with either the name or the initials of the speaker, so that readers can recognize whose ideas are being reported.
  • If you know the speaker’s Twitter handle (e.g., @[handle]), include them, so that people can connect to them if they wish.
  • Be considerate to other attendees: ensure your device’s sounds are off, and it may be worth considering sitting at the back or the side of the room.
  • Tweet and post as little or as much as you like, taking into account what people may find interesting about the conference, and keeping to a high standard of collegiality and professionalism, particularly keeping in mind the very public nature of social media. Do ask permission be­fore posting photographs.
  • Be civil, professional and polite (and beware that ‘tone’ is difficult to discern in writing). Social media is very public, so do not post online what you would not say in public.

(Slightly adapted from Kristine Steenbergh’s #Emca15 Twitter Guidelines and Sjoerd Levelt’s (@SLevelt) ‘Twitter at a historical conference’)

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