Is registration mandatory for attending the conference?
-    Yes, registration is required. 

Does the Thursday day-ticket include the evening lecture by Judith Butler?
-    Yes, it does. 

How do I register for the evening lecture by Achille Mbembe only?
-    When registering, you should tick the box after “A one-evening ticket for the lecture by Achille Mbembe (April 5). 10,-.” only.

Do you offer scholarships for students who wish to attend the conference?
-    Unfortunately, we cannot offer scholarships. 
-    Instead, we offer a standard discount for all students (both from the Netherlands and abroad). 
-    We encourage students to ask their own programme or department for financial 
     aid to attend the conference. 

I am a student at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. How can I help?
-    Please sign up as a student volunteer by sending us an email. 

I am a student at another university. How can I help?
-    Share the conference announcements on Facebook, blogs, newsletters, etc. 
-    Invite fellow students to attend the conference together. 
-    Ask your own programme or department for financial aid to attend the conference. 
-    Email us, ask for a specific number of conference posters, specify the postal address to which 
     we must send them, and plaster the walls of your home university with them. 

I bought a ticket, but found out I can no longer attend the conference. Can I get a refund?

- Unfortunately we cannot give refunds. However, we can change the name on the ticket, so you might be able to find someone else who wants to go in your place.

Can I interview Judith Butler for my newspaper/magazine?

- Regrettably we cannot facilitate this. We do, however, have  a press release about the conference that you can publish.